PDOX Fluorescent Imaging

Advanced fluorescent-based visualization tools enable scientists to observe tumor behavior in mouse models in real-time.

Our PDOX® visualization tools enable the scientist to clearly see the following:

  • Real-time metastasis, tumor growth and progression;
  • Angiogenesis, which is the formation of new blood vessels;
  • Interactions of cancer cells with stromal cells, which control cancer cell growth and metastasis
  • All types of agents, small molecules, proteins can be evaluated.

AngioMouse® fluorescent imaging technology

We have utilized multicolored fluorescent proteins to develop imaging models of tumor angiogenesis. Intra-vital and non-invasive imaging can visualize angiogenic capillaries at both primary and metastatic sites. Color-coded imaging allows visualization of cancer cells expressing one color fluorescent protein interacting with its blood vessels expressing a different  color fluorescent protein.  This model is highly valuable for discovery and evaluation of  anti-angiogense agents.

StromaMouse™ fluorescent imaging technology

StromaMouse models express one or more color of fluorescent protein in stromal cells and cancer cells express a different color fluorescent protein.  This model enables study of the Tumor Micro Environment (TME) and is ideal for discovery and evaluation of anti-stromal therapeutics.

To learn more about AC PDOX fluorescent imaging, reach out to us at info@anticancerpdox.com.

Non-invasive fluorescent imaging of of a PDOX pancreatic tumor growing in a mouse pancreas.