Historical Drug Response Assay – HDRA®

The Historical Drug Response Assay (HDRA) is an AntiCancer PDOX in vitro pre-clinical research kit.

It includes 3D culture that provides drug discovery for individualized cancer patient tumor sensitivity.  (Not available in the USA.)


  • Prostate androgen sensitivity assay.
  • Determination of best treatment options for individual patients for all solid tumor types
  • Determination of optimal treatment for tumors without standard therapy
  • Screening of compound libraries for activity on real human tumors.


  • Complements the PDOX® orthotopic xenograft technique.
  • Determines both sensitivity and drug resistance.
  • High correlation to clinical drug sensitivity.
  • Our 3D cultures features increased accuracy due to specialized sponges (as opposed to coated dishes).

Validation:  “…patients are 7 times more likely to benefit from treatment with CCDRT (cell culture drug resistance testing) active drugs than from treatment with CCDRT inactive drugs, in scores of studies, involving thousands of patients.”
– Larry Weisenthal, M.D. Ph.D., Human Tumor Assay Journal

Patents: US5,474,909 and US5,726,009.

Please contact us today for a fresh tumor transport pack.  Your chemo-sensitivity report will be sent within 7 days.

To learn more about HDRA and other in vitro services from AC PDOX, please contact us at info@anticancerpdox.com.