Custom in Vivo Study Design

The experimental design of PDOX in vivo tumor study can be tailored to meet individual requirements. 

Our service packages include study protocol, weekly reports and real-time feedback.

  • Immuno-deficient nude mice are bred in the AntiCancer PDOX vivarium.
  • PDOX® primary tumor, metastasis and tumor micro environment are visualized and quantified in real-time with non-invasive whole-body or intra-vital imaging.
  • Dosing routes including iv, ip, im or oral gavage, intra tumor, sc.
  • Measurement of tumor and metastasis size, body, weight.
  • Plots of growth curves.
  • Necropsy, primary tumor and metastases, harvesting tumors, blood, any organ at the end of the study.
  • Slide preparation as required.
  • Services as requested by the customer.

To learn more about AC PDOX’s custom in vivo study design, please contact us at