Clinical Results

We have surgically implanted more than 300 patient tumor xenografts into more than 3,000 mice.

Over the years, the breadth of our research has revealed that orthotopic (Greek for “the correct place”) tumor implants in mice will mimic the disease progression and subsequent metastasis of tumors in human patients.  AntiCancer PDOX’s orthotopic technique implants tumors on the organ of the mouse that precisely corresponds to the organ of the patient donor.

We pioneered the PDOX® model and have have published extensively.  We have found that individualized mouse models help pharmaceutical companies to test the effectiveness of their newly discovered drugs more accurately than other available options. PDOX uniquely enables both primary and metastatic tumor growth in mice.

Recent clinical trials at UCLA, which focused on aggressive, recalcitrant cancers, concluded that PDOX rules out ineffective drugs and identifies effective drugs for patients. With this increased treatment efficiency, patients are spared unnecessary toxicity and afforded the opportunity for individualized, precision treatments.

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