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AntiCancer PDOX: A Patient’s Story

AntiCancer PDOX Pre-Clinical Services
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AntiCancer PDOX: Science Is a Way of Life

We Are Providing World-Class Pre-Clinical Research Services

AntiCancer PDOX is assisting the world’s leading genetic researchers, pharmaceutical
companies and academic laboratories as they undertake new drug discoveries for aggressive cancers.
More than 600 drug discovery projects have utilized the PDOX® mouse modeling technique in contract research.
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Rachel's Tribute

In Memory of Rachel Young Huff

Last week we lost a beloved member of the AntiCancer PDOX family. As she participated in our research, Rachel became our close friend. She inspired us with her uncommon bravery, her ironic sense of humor, her vitality and her brilliant life energy. She leaves behind her husband Forrest, two beautiful children, a large extended family and a loving community.
When we remember Rachel, we’ll remember that she wanted people to act “normal” around her. But what we’ll remember most is that she wanted to be able to look her children in the eye and tell them she had done everything she could to stay with them as long as possible.

Tumor Banking 

AntiCancer PDOX enables individual cancer patients to cryo-preserve or “bank” their tumors for future research.

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Cancer Market Facts

The internationally recognized AntiCancer PDOX team has come together to address the complex challenges of improving the outcomes of cancer therapy.

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Scientific Papers

AntiCancer PDOX outcomes have been clinically validated with the publication of more than 500 peer-reviewed studies in leading medical journals.

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June 4-7,2018
Boston, MA

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PDOX Tumor Growth Success Rate

PDOX® is a proven technique that increases the precision of cancer therapies and individualizes treatment.

There is an urgent need to personalize chemotherapy treatments.

1.68 million new cancer cases and more than 600,000 cancer deaths are projected in the USA alone this year. Half will be treated with chemotherapy. Our patented technique marks a medical breakthrough for chemo patients. We are advancing the industry from “therapy by best guess” to ”therapy by precision science.”

PDOX stands for Patient Derived Orthotopic Xenografts. This means that we transplant tumors from patients into mice where – thanks to our science – the tumors grow and metastasize the same way as in the patient. By growing multiple, simultaneous mouse implants, we can rapidly determine precise, personalized treatment for the patient.

We are working to take this life-saving technology out of the research lab and offer it to as many cancer patients as is possible. We currently offer pre-clinical research services for PDOX Tumor Banking and Pharmaceutical Discovery.

The 3-Step PDOX Process